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Bitcoin : China & the Future

Most of the huge growth over the last few months has been driven by the Chinese market, so any negative news will impact this. Originally the news that ‘China has banned it’ was a mistranslation. It in fact stated that it wasn’t to be used by financial services, and was fine for use in a Read More

Thoughts on Bitcoin : Part 4

Bitcoin usage is currently split into the following sectors. End Users using it to pay for goods direct with merchants in person (via a smartphone based POS system). Users sending bitcoin direct to other users (as an online payment) Exchanges that operate a system to buy and sell bitcoin in and out of FIAT (there Read More

Thoughts on Bitcoin : Part 3

A lot of talk has been about the value of bitcoin (in relation to $ especially). A whole ‘bitcoin’ currently sits at around $940, where as 2 years ago it was worth a few dollars. This massive growth has caused many to view bitcoin as an investment and have dived in without researching the whole Read More

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